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Pilates classes near Yarraville offered by Williamston Osteopathy may help prevent injuries and rehabilitate you back from injury to movement. With a series of various physical exercises that are aimed at improving your posture, balance, core stability, flexibility and control, we make sure that our Pilates classes have something for everyone, irrespective of age and fitness level.  

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Pilates isn’t just for patients suffering from specific injuries, everyone can reap its benefits. You’ll learn the most basic principles at our Pilates classes near Yarraville as follows:

  • Centering: This will help you attain neutral spine and trigger the fundamental stabilizing muscles that support the pelvis and lower back.
  • Flowing movement: This aims to let every movement flow smoothly.
  • Breathing: Here, you’ll learn how to maintain normal and relaxed breathing across all your Pilates exercises.

Our instructors will teach you to perform every exercise accurately. We offer three types of Pilates classes in Yarraville namely:

  • Private clinical Pilates: Here, your body type, past medical history, posture etc will be evaluated and any particular rehabilitation requirement will be addressed. Based on the information, a customised Pilates program will be designed.
  • Semi-private Pilates classes: Once the pain is alleviated by attending private clinical Pilates classes, you can move onto semi-private sessions. Under the guidance of our instructors, you will practice your usual movements and some new ones to broaden your range. The main goal of these sessions is to enhance your core strength, balance and co-ordination, thus letting you take control of your body.
  • Group Pilates: Once you’re done with the above two types of classes, you are ready to attend our group Pilates or mat classes where you’ll learn how to perform a complete body workout through Pilates movements.







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Treat back pain with Pilates

We often come across patients suffering from back pain. Back pain can sometimes be caused due to underlying structural imbalance in your body. Disorders like inadequate core support, muscular imbalance, pelvic instability, poor posture etc affect your back health. Our Pilates instructors near Yarraville address these areas.