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Improve your overall health and wellness with our Pilates instructors near West Footscray. Williamstown Osteopathy offers different Pilates classes that are suitable for people of all ages with varying fitness levels. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or an injury, or need some natural pain-relief during your pregnancy, Pilates may help. Pilates is advantageous as it enables easy modification of the exercises to be made as easy or challenging as you need them to be based on your physical capabilities and fitness goals. After conducting an initial assessment, our instructors will determine the kind of exercises that may help you with injury prevention, rehabilitation and all round fitness improvements.

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Improve Strength With Pilates

Pilates improves your core strength, which makes you capable of handling high intensity workouts and other physical activities. It also creates body awareness by making you understand which moves you are good at and the ones requiring modifications. By practicing your moves under our Pilates instructors near West Footscray, you will not only improve your strength, balance and flexibility but also understand what areas of your body need some work and focus on those areas.

Pilates is often called a complete mind-body workout as the quality of movement is emphasized over quantity of repetitions. While you perform the movements with maximum efficiency and power, our Pilates instructors near West Footscray will also remind you to focus on proper breathing. As you learn to breathe properly, you will enjoy reduced stress levels together with better, smooth flowing body movements.




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Visit Williamstown Osteopathy today to get your condition assessed and decide on whether private, semi-private or group Pilates classes would be suitable for you. Once you have made your choice, start conditioning, toning and strengthening your body under the guidance of our Pilates Instructors near West Footscray.