Pilates near Spotswood - A gentle process for deep tensions

Williamstown Osteopathy offers Pilates near Spotswood to help in improving your core and postural stability, muscle endurance and soft tissue flexibility in addition to promoting correct movement patterns based on your individual requirements. From enhanced breathing control and restoration of normal movement to increased level of overall fitness, Pilates may bring several benefits your way. Combining our osteopathy services with Pilates, we help reduce the

pain and discomfort of our patients along with treating a range of other injuries successfully.

Williamstown Osteopathy & Pilates


Improve Core Strength With Pilates

Our Pilates classes involve a dynamic system of exercises where we use various apparatus to help in improving your flexibility, physical strength and posture, together with increasing your body awareness. From office workers and elite athletes to pregnant women and everyone in between, Pilates can benefit a lot of people with varying needs and health conditions.

All our Pilates instructors near Spotswood have the requisite qualifications and experience in treating a broad range of conditions, including headaches, post-surgery issues, back/hip/knee/ankle/shoulder pain, re-occurring or chronic injuries, sciatica or disc bulges – to name just a few. With different treatment options – from private and semi-private Pilates classes to group Pilates, we have everything you may need to suit your busy schedule and budget and get the most leverage from this holistic treatment.

Our Pilates instructors work closely with our remedial massage therapists, osteopaths and myotherapists to offer you the best possible results. We listen to your symptoms and problems to diagnose the issue correctly, after which we decide on the most appropriate type of Pilates that would address the root cause of the problem and suit your body type as well as fitness level. Our goal is to help you derive the maximum benefit and ensure the movements and intensity are in line with your current level of fitness.





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