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If traditional medicines and methods have failed to offer you pain relief consider Pilates near Seddon offered by Williamstown Osteopathy. Pilates is based on the fundamental principle that physical and mental health is interrelated. It uses a series of exercises complemented and facilitated by a variety of equipment that aim to strengthen the human mind and body. Our Pilates classes near Seddon are designed to help strengthen your body alignment, encourage stretching, co-ordination and flexibility, along with improving your core strength.

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Reduce Injuries with Pilates

Apart from being recognized as one of the most effective exercise accompaniments to physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment, Pilates has also gained tremendous popularity as an essential workout for recovery from injuries, maintaining core stability and strength as well as injury prevention. From martial artists and dancers to athletes, performers and pregnant women, a wide range of people can get a Pilates program to fit their needs. Even older people with restrained mobility or arthritis can benefit from our Pilates classes near Seddon that use a low impact, gentle, intrinsic muscle strengthening approach.

Our group Pilates classes use a wide range of accessories including resistance bands, Swiss balls, stability chairs, weights, magic circles, reformers and foam rollers to exercise the deep muscles responsible for your bones’ movement and alignment. Attending these classes can enable you to move more powerfully and efficiently, thus decreasing your risk of injury and empowering you – both physically and mentally, to handle any other type of exercise.

If you are suffering from chronic or specific injuries, our private clinical Pilates sessions may help. Our instructors choose exercises and state-of-the art equipment that can offer you optimal gains and help your seamless transition from injury to normal movement while minimizing the chances of your injury getting aggravated.




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All our Pilates classes near Seddon focus on developing your co-ordination, endurance, balance and posture, flexibility and strength, which can reduce your injury risks.