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Pilates is for everyone, irrespective of fitness level and age. Williamstown Osteopathy’s Pilates Classes in Newport welcome everyone – from young students and pregnant women to the elderly and sporting types. No two body types are the same and fitness levels can vary dramatically. Bearing this in mind your specific goals for joining our Pilates sessions in Newport will probably be unique. We therefore recommend private classes ($90 for 45 minutes) where a personalized Pilates program will be devised after considering your posture, body type and past medical history. If you have any rehabilitation requirements, our Pilates instructors in Newport will take that into account to ensure an effective treatment plan.

Once you are well versed with the basic principles of Pilates; can use the apparatus correctly, have learnt proper breathing techniques and are capable of performing the exercises the right way, your instructor at Williamstown Osteopathy may suggest moving to semi-private or group sessions ($20 for 50 minutes).


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Improve Strength with Pilates

In case you don’t have any major injuries, you can also start with group mat classes. We strongly advise at least 2-3 private sessions, especially if you are a beginner, to learn the basic principles. If you are suffering from major injuries, private classes at our Pilates clinic in Newport can help you get started with your rehabilitation.

Elderly suffering from arthritic conditions and looking to improve joint support and mobility may find our private and semi-private classes ($50 for 50 minutes) at Williamstown Osteopathy beneficial to begin with. Our instructors encourage pregnant women to take up Pilates as it helps them maintain their mobility and strength as their centre of gravity shifts due to the additional weight they carry. Our sessions are also very popular with active and sporting persons too.

If you are ready to explore a new way of fitness with Pilates classes in Newport, contact Williamstown Osteopathy today!



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