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Pilates classes near Footscray offered by Williamstown Osteopathy can aid in rehabilitation and avoiding future injury. We understand that pain, injuries and other physical discomfort when left untreated can adversely affect your life and lower your quality of living. Some conditions can transform into serious issues that can restrain your mobility or even immobilize you. Our Pilates professionals near Footscray may be able to help.

By doing gentle, effective exercises under the guidance of our trained and experienced Pilates instructors you can get started with injury rehabilitation. We also focus on improving your core stability, posture, strength, breathing, control, balance and flexibility to lower the risk of recurrence of pain and injuries.

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Improve Core Strength With Pilates

For improved balance, posture and flexibility, you need to build strength in your core muscles. Your body’s core refers to the part surrounded by your lower back, diaphragm, abdominal wall and pelvis. A strong, stable core will help improve your movement, coordination and flexibility. With our Pilates classes near Footscray, you can build core strength and train your body to handle workouts of higher intensity that may help you build muscles, burn calories and improve your overall wellbeing.

After an initial assessment, our Pilates professionals near Footscray will help you with the right exercises that are suitable for your age, fitness level and special needs (such as injury rehabilitation, back pain relief, improving core strength etc).

Whether you want to improve your core strength by transitioning back to your fitness regimen after being injured or sick, or just plan to get started with exercises for the first time to improve balance, coordination and overall body fitness, Pilates may help. From private and semi-private classes to group classes, we offer different options for you to start improving your core strength.





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