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Williamstown Osteopathy offers Pilates classes near Altona for all ages. From improved flexibility, balance, control and strength to combating aches and pains as well as enjoying overall health and fitness, Pilates may be an effective treatment for you. Our Pilates classes near Altona are available to suit various requirements and budget. From simple mat classes ($20 for 50 minutes) to semi-private and private clinical Pilates classes ($50 and $90 for 50 and 45 minutes respectively) for injury rehabilitation or treatment of other conditions, we offer you tailor-made options.

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Reduce Pain With Pilates

After an initial assessment to judge your condition, our Pilates instructors near Altona will explain our diagnosis and let you know the proposed treatment plan we have developed. Usually, this involves a personalised Pilates program complemented by hands-on treatment such as remedial massage, joint mobilisation, or dry needling. Initially, we recommend private, one-on-one Pilates sessions until you are ready to move into a small semi-private class of no more than three participants per instructor. You will be monitored carefully by our Pilates instructors near Altona while carrying out your individual Pilates program to ensure that your technique is perfect and that your body is slowly challenged with new sets of exercises as you improve.





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From back/neck/shoulder/hip/ankle/knee pain to prolapsed disc, sciatica, spondylosis and post-surgery issues, our Pilates classes near Altona can offer treatment for a wide range of conditions. Whether it’s an injury, a sudden pain or chronic pain we may be able to help. Come to Williamstown Osteopathy’s Pilates classes near Altona to find out how.