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Osteopaths near Yarraville working at Williastown Osteopathy empower patients with their holistic treatment to help them treat their conditions.

Osteopaths near Yarraville

At Williamstown Osteopathy, we diagnose, treat and reduce health problems using gentle manipulations, mobilisations, stretching and massage of your joints and muscles. We believe in the inherent power of your body to heal itself. Since the healthy function of an individual’s muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissues play a key role in their well-being, our osteopathy experts near Yarraville implement different forms of manual treatment to offer pain treatment and aid in restoring optimal function to the affected part. Though pain in the back, joints and neck are common problems of people coming to visit our osteopaths near Yarraville we also treat a wide range of other problems related to ligaments, joints, muscles and other soft tissues.

Williamstown Osteopathy & Pilates

Caring Osteopathy Services

Our osteopathy services near Yarraville offer an effective, holistic and gentle way to treat many conditions without using injections, surgery or long-term medication. Our treatment is based on the basic principle of body unity and designed to offer patients lasting relief by restoring normal function to the affected body parts gradually.

When you consult our osteopaths, they will ask you about your symptoms and questions related to general health before performing a physical examination to find areas of strain, tenderness, weakness or restriction in your body. To evaluate the mobility of your affected joints and spine we may also ask you to perform simple movements. Once we diagnose the problem, we will tell you how our osteopathy services near Yarraville may help and get you started with your treatment plan.



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From treating sports injuries and offering paediatric osteopathy to helping women through their pregnancies, we offer a broad range of services for everyone in the family.