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Williamstown Osteopathy near Altona offers osteopathic treatment suitable for all ages, from pregnant women and children to sportspersons, busy professionals and the elderly. We are known for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints such as shoulder and neck pain, occupational overuse syndrome, sports and work injuries as well as lower back and hip pain.


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Effective Osteopathy Treatment

Correct diagnosis is the key to offering effective osteopathy treatment. That’s why our osteopaths near Altona spend time talking to you on your first visit to know about your health history and the symptoms you are experiencing. It’s important for you to tell us everything related to your health history and problems you are experiencing to give our osteopaths a better insight into creating a treatment plan. This is followed by a structural assessment where you may be asked to perform some movements that will help spot the problem areas. Based on your case history and the diagnosis made, the osteopaths will then draw up a treatment plan.  

Williamstown Osteopathy near Altona believes in educating our patients and sharing details of their condition so that they can play an active role in the healing process. Our osteopaths will discuss with you your prognosis, tell you about the personalised treatment plan they have created and let you know the estimated number of treatments you may need.





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